Two cassation appeals submitted to the Supreme Court by the Law Firm’s team accepted for adjudication

We are delighted to announce that two cassation appeals submitted by our Law Firm have recently been accepted by the Supreme Court for adjudication. They concerned fraudulent claims related to the sale or the mortgaging of a real estate (file reference number: III CSK 338/19 and I CSK 130/20). The Partner of the Law Firm, advocate Bartosz Groele supervised the team that prepared the appeals: attorney-at-law Kamil Strus, attorney-at-law Wojciech Młocek and advocate Bartosz Magnowski. In both cases, the Supreme Court shared the views of the Law Firm’s Team on the existence of significant legal issues. Thus, the subject matter of the hearing before the Supreme Court will be: the legal construction of the premise of causing harm to a creditors and the interpretation of the arbitrariness of its satisfaction, specific allotment of the burden of proof in the actio pauliana action and the decision whether the fraudulent creditor is based on Article 532 of the Polish Civil Code. We are pleased that we will have the opportunity to participate in shaping the jurisprudence for such important areas in legal transactions.