The GA Law Firm is an experienced advisor in broadly defined restructuring processes. We render specialized aid regarding the following:

Factual restructuring process (regardless of the financial condition of an enterprise) with the purpose of the optimization of costs of business activity, the effecting of transformations (division, merger, transformation) or minimization of risks of business activity;
The effecting of reorganization procedure at the stage of the threat of insolvency;
Formal restructuring understood as proceedings with option of conclusion of arrangement

Experience of the Law Firm allows rendering services to various participants of the restructuring processes
or insolvency proceedings, which covers in particular the following:

Representing a business entity at the pre-judicial stage;
Representing a business entity in the reorganization and insolvency proceedings;
Representing natural persons against whom the proceedings are pending for the issuance of prohibition of conducting business activity;
Representing creditors towards debtors either at the pre-insolvency stage (with use of instruments of insolvency and reorganization law) or within the confines of respective insolvency or reorganization proceedings;
Representing investors interested in the purchase of an enterprise, an organized part thereof, or selected assets within insolvency estate;
Specialized legal aid to the receiver and lawyers who work for a respective Client;
Representing Clients in cross-border proceedings which are connected to secondary proceedings and other insolvency or reorganization proceedings with a cross-border element.