Congress 60 million – Great Meeting of Polish Community Entrepreneurs

On 3-6 October 2019 in New York City will be held the “Congress 60 million – Great Meeting of Polish Community Entrepreneurs”. The TPG Law Firm is a partner of this event through the active participation of the Partners of the TPG Law Firm: attorney-at-law Mariusz Tomasik and attorney-at-law Bartosz Groele. They will sit on two different panels on the subject of: “Real estate – Investing on the real estate market in New York and in Poland”. What are the current trends, where are the greatest opportunities and what to look for when creating investment strategies” and „Investing in Poland. What are the biggest successes of companies and investment funds on the Warsaw Stock Exchange? Where are the greatest investment opportunities in Poland and Eastern Europe? Will Polish Investment Fund hit Wall Street? Exploiting Poland’s economic success”. The idea behind the “60 million Congress” event is to integrate Polish business communities located both in Poland and abroad, by discussing the current position of Poland on the world map and its position in international relations, as well as the current nature and status of cooperation between Polish scientific, business and cultural centers. From the economic point of view, the main goal of the meeting will be to find cooperation areas on which existing relationships should be strengthened and developed, as well as to search for important new areas for joint action. It will be the 6th congress of the 60 million Congress in 2019, this time in New York. So far they have taken place in different cities, in four countries and on two continents. They took place in: Miami in the USA (February 7-10), London in the United Kingdom (May 30-June 1), Berlin in Germany (June 13-15), Buffalo in the USA (Julyv19-21 this year) and in Rzeszów in Poland (August 28-30). Thanks to such a wide reach, the idea of business has reached and reaches a wide audience on international and intergenerational communication levels.

The participation of the Law Firm in the event is a continuation of the TPG’s involvement on the American market and maintaining active cooperation with renowned law firms and advisors overseas.