Outcome of the 18th edition of the Rzeczpospolita Daily 2020 ranking of law offices.

On 10 June 2020 an annual ranking of law offices was published by the Rzeczpospolita Daily. For the last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the classification was not announced in the “recommendations” categories to maintain the continuity of the ranking; however, this year the ranking was carried out and the results were secured. This year the chapters did not select the winners in each category, but the number of indications of the law office itself was decisive. We are delighted to inform that the TGA Law office has been recognised in the area of our specialization: restructuring and bankruptcy law. TGA was awarded the status of one of the four recommended law offices, along with the best ones on the market, and among the recommended lawyers was the Partner of our Law Office and a long-time insolvency law expert, advocate Bartosz Groele. Awards and nominations feel great, but our main mission invariably remains the day-to-day support of our clients in the challenges they face. Link to the article below https://www.rp.pl/Rankingi/306109993-Ranking-kancelarii-prawniczych-2020-kto-zwyciezyl-w-rekomendacjach.html