Finalization of the sale of diesel fuel included in the sanation mass of the TGA Law offices client

We are pleased to announce that in the last days of July this year, the sale of diesel oil, which is part of the sanation mass of our Client – a company operating in the fuel industry, against which restructuring proceedings are being conducted, was finalized.
The sale took place by way of tender, organized on the basis of the consent of the judge-commissioner, issued pursuant to Article 323(1) of the Restructuring Law, and the successful completion of this process is particularly pleasing due to the fact that This process turned out to be very complicated and multi-threaded, yet we are delighted to have handled it with relative ease.
An undoubted honor for the TGA Law Office and the team working on the case with Partner Bartosz Groele at the helm. The effective completion of this precedent sales procedure, which began in June 2020, was also due to trainee Karolina Piątek’s engagement on this case.