Other areas

Apart from capital investments, real estate, enterprise restructuring, and counselling and representation of our Clients in litigations, the areas covered by the Law Firm includes also:

  1. Provision of service for non-profit entities, such as cultural associations.
  2. Legal service for foreigners.
    • The Law Firm provides legal advice to Clients from abroad in business activities in Poland, including legal environment of entry into the Polish market.
    • The Law Firm conducts individual property cases of Clients from abroad, including inheritance proceedings and proceedings concerning division of the inherited estate which include real properties located in Poland.
  3. Legal service provision for business entities on a day-to-day basis.
    • The Law Firm provides current counselling in daily operations of business entities, including consultation and preparation of drafts of contracts and day-to-day legal consultation.
  4. Preparation and negotiation of commercial contracts.
    • The Law Firm prepares, inter alia, agreements such as shareholders’ agreements, consortium agreements, leasehold in commercial centres, agreement for management and commercialization of commercial centres, master agreements, delivery agreements, real estate sale and lease-back agreements.