Real estate

GA Law Firm provides legal services concerning real estate, in particular, in the following areas:

Real estate investments.

  1. Purchase or sale of a real estate.
    • Preparation of real estate purchase or sale transactions,
    • Negotiation and preparation of drafts of contracts, including cooperation with notaries.
  2. Real estates due diligence reviews.
    • The conducting of legal examination of a real estate, including analysis of documents such as land registration documents and other papers and contracts concerning real estates.
  3. Business use of a real estate.
    • Advice in legal aspects referring to the business use of a real estate.
    • Preparation of special purpose vehicles, to which a real estate will be transferred as a contribution-in-kind, with a view of launching a planned venture by our Clients.
    • Preparation and negotiation of real estate development contracts, building works contracts and other contracts concerning real estate investments, including those referring to the construction and commercialization of shopping centres.
  4. Negotiation and preparation of lease, tenancy and usufruct contracts for our Clients

Legal service in respect of real estate ownership and co-ownership

  • Consultation and counselling to our Clients in the field of contracts with real estate administrators, and contracts and resolutions referring to co-owned real estate management.
  • Provision of legal service to condominiums.
  • Legal service in the judicial and extra-judicial annulment of real estate co-ownership.

Real estate recovery (reprivatization processes).

Representation of Clients in reprivatization proceedings, aimed at the recovery of real estate taken over by the state in the period before 1989, including properties taken over since 1940s on the basis of nationalization decrees.