Kamil Strus

Advocate at the Kraków Bar Association

mobile: +48 604 257 076


He has worked with the TPG Law Office since 2018.



He specializes in substantive and procedural civil law, as well as in bankruptcy law and restructuring law. In his previous professional practice, he dealt in particular with issues related to property law and THE law of obligations - with particular emphasis on proceedings brought by the receiver in order to obtain a finding of the juridical act’s ineffectiveness with respect to the bankruptcy estate. A significant part of his professional practice is also the conduct of proceedings for the declaration of bankruptcy and the conduct of proceedings in cases involving prohibition of business activities.

In the years 2015-2019 he was associated with the Civil Law Department in the Student Legal Clinic of the Jagiellonian University, where he was an assistant to the coordinator from 2016.



Graduate of the the Faculty of Law at the Jagiellonian University (2016)



English – full working proficiency



  • participation in proceedings related to the declaration of bankruptcy - both from the debtor's and the creditor's petition for bankruptcy;
  • consultancy regarding the restructuring of companies;
  • participation in disputes regarding the construction industry - in particular including claims for joint and several liability of the investor and the general contractor towards subcontractors;
  • forming strategies in proceedings regarding claims for damages - including claims arising from the unlawful exercise of public authority;
  • services to creditors submitting claims in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • conducting proceedings in cases involving prohibition of business activities;
  • forming strategies in proceedings brought by the receiver in order to found the juridical act ineffective with respect to the bankruptcy estate;
  • work on projects regarding the acquisition of legal rights through acquisitive prescription - including acquisition, by state enterprises, the land servitude which corresponds to the content of the utility servitude;
  • consultancy regarding the institution of disposing of a vacated mortgage entry and work on projects regarding the transfer of mortgage by operation of law as a result of satisfaction the mortgage creditor by the personal debtor;
  • support for civil court proceedings.